Ceremony in English

Full of Emotions

As we all know „love has no boundaries“, therefore in many situations different nationalities meet at a wedding ceremony. 

So that your family, friends and loved ones understand everything at your ceremony, I will be happy to perform your bilingual wedding speech in German, English or just English.

My wedding ceremony is free of restrictions, norms or rules and is personally tailored to you. Neither gender, origin nor religion play a role. Only the love of two people is in the foreground.

For me it is important that all guests can laugh, cry and get emotional with you. Therefore we plan the content and the agenda of your wedding ceremony, so that it authentically reflects you as a couple. 

I am always at your side with my experience. Be it with suggestions of songs, rituals or even completely individual ideas.

My wedding ceremony is not a substitute for the registry office, because only there a marriage can be legally recognized. The free wedding ceremony is a symbolic celebration of your love.

I look forward to hearing from you guys. You can find my contact details here.

FAQ's in English

A free wedding ceremony (freie Trauung) is individually tailored to you as a couple. It is free of rules and regulations. You as a couple have the opportunity to shape the course of the free wedding. But in general you can imagine the course of a free wedding as follows….


I as a wedding speaker welcome you and your guests and start to tell your story in a very special way with all possible emotions. Your family, best man, maid of honor and children can play a role in this. During the wedding ceremony we can also incorporate other elements, such as music, rituals or even a vow. It is also important to me that you as the bride and groom also say „I do“ and possibly hand over the rings. This moment is so special and I think indispensable.

A wedding ceremony lasts about 45 minutes. But of course it depends on how many and which elements you want to have in your free wedding ceremony.

The earlier the better. But usually 5-6 months before the wedding date gives you enough time.

As I mentioned in the description “about me”. I was born in Oxford, UK and moved to Germany in 2000. I grew up with both languages, so I speak English as my native language.  

Therefore, I will conduct your ceremony in English just as emotional, individual and unforgettable as in German. 

It would be great to have our “get-to-know-each-other”meeting in person or via video call. I will introduce myself personally so that you get an impression of me. I will also tell you about the agenda of a wedding ceremony and what options are available. It would be nice if you can tell me something about yourself.

Last but not least, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


It is important to me that you as a couple and I as a wedding speaker get a positive feeling for each other and can imagine „working together“.

As soon as you let me know that you have chosen me, we will make an appointment together for the wedding „interview“. This should take place about 3 months before the wedding and takes about two to three hours. For the interview, I will be happy to come to your home to get to know you in an environment that is familiar to you. 


Here we will dive into your life together so far. We may not go over every single phase of your life, but I want us to go over the most important moments together. The more you can reveal, the more information I will have to write my speech. We will also work out the details of your wedding ceremony. 

„Fall in love with someone that enjoys your weirdness. Not someone that, tries to talk you into being normal.“ 

Wedding Ceremony